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Executive Committee

President 2017 - 2019
Prof. Steve Halligan
Centre for Medical Imaging
London, United Kingdom

Prof. Regina G.H. Beets-Tan
The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vice President
Prof. Andrea Laghi
"Sapienza" - University of Rome
Rome, Italy

Dr. Marc Zins                
Hôpital Saint-Joseph
Paris, France

Past President
Prof. Celso Matos
Champalimaud Foundation
Lisbon, Portugal

Education Committee Chairman
Dr. Simon Jackson
Derriford Hospital
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Membership Committee Chairwoman
Assoc.Prof. Maria Antonietta Bali
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
London, United Kingdom

Research Committee Chairman
Prof. Jaap Stoker
Academic Medical Center
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Workshop Committee Chairman
Assoc.Prof. Giuseppe Brancatelli
University Hospital Palermo
Palermo, Italy

Meeting President 2018
Prof. Helen Fenlon
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Dublin, Ireland

Pre-Meeting President 2019
Prof. Andrea Laghi
"Sapienza" - University of Rome
Rome, Italy

Members at large
Prof. Ahmed Ba-Ssalamah
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Valerie Vilgrain
Hôpital Beaujon
Clichy, France

Prof. Christoph J. Zech               
University Hospital Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Programme Committee ESGAR 2018 = Executive Committee

Prof. Celso Matos
Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Marc Zins
Paris, France

ESGAR Subcommittees

Education Committee
(2017 - 2019)                    

Dr. Simon Jackson, United Kingdom

Giuseppe Brancatelli, Italy
Kelvin Cortis, Malta
Luís Curvo-Semedo, Portugal
Clarisse Dromain, Switzerland
Riccardo Ferrari, Italy
Asuncion Torregrosa Andres, Spain
Charina Triantopoulou, Greece
Manuela França, Portugal
Soren Rafaelsen, Denmark
Damian Tolan, United Kingdom

Membership Committee
(2017 - 2019)                      

Assoc.Prof. Maria Antonietta Bali, United Kingdom

Stephen Skehan, Ireland
Giulia Zamboni, Italy
Max Lahaye, The Netherlands

Online Editorial Board                

Dr. Simon Jackson, United Kingdom 

Ricardo Ferrari, Italy
Dario Picone, Italy
Gemma Miles, United Kingdom (Case of the Month Coordinator)
Christopher Clarke, United Kingdom
Adriana Mirela Calin, Romania



Workshop Committee
(2017 - 2019)                      

Assoc.Prof. Giuseppe Brancatelli, Italy

Simon Jackson, United Kingdom
Musturay Karcaaltincaba, Turkey
Nikolaos Kartalis, Sweden
Andrea Laghi, Italy
Jaap Stoker, The Netherlands
Valerie Vilgrain, France
Christoph Zech, Switzerland
Marc Zins, France

Research Committee
(2017 - 2019)               

Prof. Jaap Stoker, The Netherlands 

Davide Bellini, Italy
Doenja Lambregts, The Netherlands
Alex Perez Girbes, Spain
Andrew Plumb, United Kingdom
Maxime Ronot, France
Jurgen Runge, The Netherlands
Stuart A.Taylor, United Kingdom
Vincent Vandecaveye, Belgium
Christoph Zech, Switzerland

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  • Substantially reduced subscription rate to "Abdominal Radiology"
  • Eligibility to participate in Guideline Working Groups
  • Subspecialty Recognition Certificates
  • Personal ESGAR Account
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  • Unlimited access to the ESGAR e-Education Portal
  • Educational and networking activities

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