ESR Journals’ Advisory Editorial Board: A. Laghi, Rome/IT

Education Committee:  D. Tolan, Leeds/UK

Quality, Safety and Standards Committee: M. Radzina, Riga/LV

Research Committee: J. Stoker, Amsterdam/NL

Subspecialties & Allied Sciences Committee: A. Laghi, Rome/IT

ECR 2023 Scientific Subcommittee Chairpersons (SCCH)

Abdominal Viscera: M. Staunton, Cork/IE

GI Tract: D. Tolan, Leeds/UK

ECR 2024 Scientific Subcommittee Chairpersons (SCCH)

Abdominal Viscera: C. Reiner, Zurich/CH

GI Tract: M. Radzina, Riga/LV

UEG Education Committee: C.J. Zech, Basel/CH

UEG Meeting of Members: M.A. Bali, Brussels/BE
                                          S.A. Taylor, London/UK
                                          C.J. Zech, Basel/CH

UEG Research Committee: A. Plumb, London/UK

UEG Scientific Committee: G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT

YOUNG UEG/Quality of Care Task Force Member: D. Lambregts, Amsterdam/NL

ESGAR Liaison officer for ECCO: P. Paolantonio, Rome/IT

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced fees at Annual Meetings and Workshops of the Society
  • Exclusive right to participate in Society sponsored activities
  • Free access to “European Radiology” on-line
  • Substantially reduced subscription rate to "Abdominal Radiology"
  • Eligibility to participate in Guideline Working Groups
  • Subspecialty Recognition Certificates
  • Personal ESGAR Account
  • ESGAR e-Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Unlimited access to the ESGAR e-Education Portal
  • Educational and networking activities

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