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Programme Overview

Detailed Programme of live-streamed sessions incl learning objectives (pdf)


The following abbreviations are used in the programme:



Educational Exhibit
ESGAR Tutorial
Young ESGAR Tutorial
Honorary Lecture
Industry Workshop
Live Cases
Lecture Session
Postgraduate Course
Plenary Session
Research Tutorials
Scientific Exhibit
School of ESGAR
Scientific Session on demand
Scientific Session live-streamed
Industry Symposium


ESGAR Tutorials

Throughout ESGAR 2021, different tutorials will be offered to the registrants. Compared to a formal lecture session, the smaller tutorial environment with two faculty members is
intended to facilitate more time for posting questions via the Q & A tool, allowing registrants to address their specific needs.

Cases of the Day

Coordinated and collected by YOUNG ESGAR, different cases will be displayed each day from Tuesday, June 15 to Friday, June 18, giving registrants the opportunity to take part in the quiz and check the results on the following day. At ESGAR 2021 every day a specific topic will be addressed:
Day 1, June 15: Classics
Day 2, June 16: I saw the sign
Day 3, June 17: Complications and foreign bodies
Day 4, June 18: Classics

In addition to the Cases of the Day quiz platform there will be a daily live case presentation and SLIDO Quiz in Zoom Channel 1.

The participant (s) who solve(s) the most cases correctly will receive a prize and a certificate.

YOUNG ESGAR - Cases of the Day team:
Chair: C. Reiner, Zurich/CH
Members: V. Arunchalam, Coimbatore/IN; A. Chandramohan, Vellore/IN; M. Hameed, London/UK; A. Kozana, Heraklion/GR; M. Pezzullo, Brussels/BE; B. Stehouwer, Utrecht/NL; C. Terra, Coimbra/PT; F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT; M. Zerunian, Rome/IT

Industry Symposia and Workshops

From Tuesday to Friday at various timeslots throughout the day, symposia and workshops will be held in collaboration with industrial companies and corporate partners. The subjects of these symposia/workshops will include a variety of “hot topics” concerning the ongoing development in some major fields of abdominal diagnostic and interventional radiology.

Lecture Sessions

All Lecture Sessions are dedicated to a special area of interest with defined lecture objectives to ensure integration and avoid overlap. Several sessions have a multidisciplinary approach such as the Panel Discussion Session “In the MDM room: colon cancer” (LS 1) or the Session on “Acute lower abdominal pain” (LS 4). Case-based discussions and Q & A time allow for interactivity and boost the lessons learnt.

Live Case Discussions

A new feature for this 2nd Virtual Meeting will be small classroom live case discussion sessions in the early morning and late evening with some of the most renowned ESGAR experts in the field. Very advanced level. Interaction guaranteed.

Plenary Sessions

Offered for the first time at ESGAR. An entertaining and challenging Quiz format. Four teams of residents from four different European centres will take the challenge, led by an expert moderator. The goal of the game is to collect points with each question and the top scorer team will win.

Nick Gourtsoyiannis’ Foundation Course
This educational feature, named after Prof. N. Gourtsoyiannis, is a mini rad-path course designed to teach fundamental imaging findings in specific abdominal conditions correlated with up-to-date pathologic information. The specific topics to be discussed in this year’s rad-path course are the “unusual hepato-biliary lesions” (cystic lesions and infectious diseases: hydatic cysts), and “acute abdominal conditions” (mesenteric ischemia and internal hernias).

One Case - Three Lessons
Returning by popular demand for a fourth year, we continue with the format called “One case – three lessons”. Is reflection an important part of your practice? In this session each panellist explains a clinical case where they personally made a mistake and then develop the three lessons that they learned from this. The goal of this format is to learn how experts reflect on their own errors to avoid making important mistakes in the diagnosis of difficult cases in the future. A broad range of diseases, modalities and clinical situations will be presented, and the moderators will bring together shared themes during discussion amongst the experts.

Postgraduate Course

At ESGAR 2021, a Postgraduate Course entitled "Consensus and controversies in imaging of liver and pancreas" is offered on the first day of the virtual meeting. In four sessions the topics of “benign liver tumours”, “HCC”, “Cystic pancreatic lesions” and “Pancreatic adenocarcinoma” will be addressed. Each session will deal with the respective imaging diagnosis and challenges as well as the pathology diagnosis and challenges and also focus on “when, why and how to manage”. A 30-minute case-based discussion at the end of each Postgraduate Course session, will exemplify the topic and enhance the learning experience.

Research Tutorials

Have you begun your academic career and want to know how to advance to become a leader in research? It is much more than publishing papers, grant funding etc. In these research tutorials major aspects of abdominal imaging research will be discussed by leading ESGAR researchers.
Those delegates attending all research tutorials are eligible to apply for the ESGAR mentorship programme. In this programme one-to-one mentorship by leading ESGAR researchers will be available to junior researchers.

School of ESGAR

This is a traditional educational pathway within the annual ESGAR meeting which includes a selection of the most important topics of abdominal radiology following the chapters of the European Training Curriculum and the corresponding learning objectives. This pathway will cover the most fundamental and important technical aspects of abdominal imaging including standard and innovative acquisition protocol/strategies for ultrasound, CT and MR and an in-depth discussion of a selection of important common and less common diseases.

Scientific Exhibition - Poster Exhibition

All scientific and educational exhibits (posters) will be displayed in electronic poster format. The poster system allows registrants to submit their exhibits online, to view them via the
Virtual Congress platform during the annual meeting and send selected material to participants’ individual e-mail addresses for easy referencing. The scientific and educational posters displayed at ESGAR 2021 in the electronic poster exhibition will be included in the permanent ESGAR Online Poster Database after the meeting.

Scientific Sessions

Researchers will present original papers on new and original aspects of abdominal imaging and intervention. Selected papers will be gathered into sessions, each dealing with a
homogenous topic. Recorded scientific presentations will be available on demand on the Virtual Congress platform (=SSD). The best presentations will be gathered into three highlight sessions which will be live-streamed and moderated (=SSL). Time for Questions and Answers between researchers and attendees will be available after each presentation.

Important Dates

January 18, 2021
Abstract Submission DEADLINE

February 2021
Notification of acceptance to authors

March 2021
Registration opens

April 15, 2021
Early Registration DEADLINE

May 5, 2021
Deadline ESGAR X Factor Contributions

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