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The ESGAR tool is updated monthly and currently includes moderated cases from the EuroRad database, a significant number of which are of relevance to the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR). They are modified to serve as quiz cases and present a specific teaching point relevant in clinical practice. These quiz cases are equally suited for advanced residents preparing for their board examination and for consultant radiologists.

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Those individuals who solved the respective case of the month correctly will be announced on the ESGAR Website!


If members have an interesting case which may be suitable for publication, please e-mail the Central ESGAR Office and your case might be the one published!

ESGAR Case of the Month Winners 2022

Congratulations to the Case of the Month Winners, who scored at 100% and answered all questions correctly:

December 2022

M. Isabel Gill Garcia, Lleida/ES
O.-S. Garbea Baia, Mare/RO
D. I. Florian, Cluj-Napoca/RO
E. Fallentin, Copenhagen/DK
I. Dudás, Budapest/HU
M. Correa Londono, Bern/CH
D. Chain, Rio de Janeiro/BR
A. Maria Careddu, Verona/IT
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
N. Bouras, Thessaloniki/GR
A. Bertel Auðunsson, Lund/SE

U. Metser, Toronto/CA
R. Manea, Harman/RO
J.A. López García, La Laguna/ES
Z. Liskova, Bratislava/SK
H.-B. Lew, Dalkeith/AU
S. Ladumor, Doha/QA
K. Edvard, Kolflåth Molde/NO
K. Kadirli, Istanbul/TR
M. Isnard Volta, Redonda/BR
S. Ichikawa, Hamamatsu/JP
J.-P. Hardy, Charleroi/BE

R. Zrilic, Pakoštane/HR
V. Wood, Christchurch/NZ
F. Wessels, Utrecht/NL
A. Simichanidou, Thessaloniki/GR
J. Sanchez, Lima/PE
M. Sahin, Eskisehir/TR
J. Prince, Utrecht/NL
H. Özen Atalay, Istanbul/TR
E. Aliki Nikolopoulou, Athens/GR
R. Mitchell-Hay, Aberdeen/UK
B. Milner, Sydney/AU

November 2022

A. Aslan, Manama/BH
N. Bouras, Thessaloniki/GR
J.-C. Le Brun, Lot/BE
S. Pochepnia, Kyiv/UA
M. Sahin, Eskisehir/TR
C. W. So, London/UK
C. Terra, Coimbra/PT
M. Urizar Gorosarri, Bilbao/ES
S. Valle, Espoo/FI

October 2022

Dr. F. Antunes, Vila Nova de Gaia/PT
Dr. F. Bilaj, Tirane/AL
Dr. R. Borrero León, Bogotá/CO
Dr. A. Carli, Verona/IT
Dr. O-S. Garbea, Baia Mare/RO
Prof.Dr. B. Henninger, Innsbruck/AT
Prof. S. Ichikawa, Hamamatsu/JP
Dr. K. Kulpina, Kharkiv/UA
Dr. A. Pizarro Gonzlaez, Santiago/CL

September 2022

Dr. Roberto Cannella, Palermo/IT
Dr. Chun Wah So, London/UK
Dr. Murat Sahin , Eskisehir/TR
Dr. Felice D'Antuono, Rozzano/IT
Dr. Jonathan Yuval, New York/US

August 2022

Assist.Prof. Mehrnam Amouei, Tehran/IR
Dr. Kristin Kristjansdottir, Reykjavik/IS
Prof. Gunduz Ogut, Istanbul/TR
Dr. Polina Rudenko, Valencia/ES

July 2022

Dr. Raghunadha Rayalu, Guntur/IN
Dr. Murat Sahin, Eskisehir/TR
Mr. Marcel Zorgdrager, Groningen/NL

April 2022

Dr. Roberto Fornell-Perez, Bilbao/ES
Dr. Oana-Stefania Garbea, Baia Mare/RO
Dr. Valerie Lannareix, Beaumont/FR
Dr. Giorgia Porrello, Palermo/IT
Dr. Murat Sahin, Eskisehir/TR
Dr. Mario Santamarina, Viña del Mar/CL
Dr. Sumer Shikhare, Singapore/SG
Dr. Umberto Tupputi, Barletta/IT

March 2022

Assoc.Prof. Ahmet Aslan, Manama/BH
Dr. Valerie Lannareix, Beaumont/FR
Dr. Pedro Marques, Amadora/PT
Dr. Lien Poorteman, Terneuzen/NL
Dr. Sumer Shikhare, Singapore/SG
Dr. Katarina Anna Trela, Ålesund/NO

February 2022

Dr. Adela Maria Batista Domenech, Valencia/ES
Dr. Jurgen Bielen, Hasselt/BE
Dr. Roberto Fornell-Perez, Bilbao/ES
Dr. Barbara Frittoli, Brescia/IT
Dr. Benjamin Lalmand, Forest/BE
Dr. Chooi Yan Anna Lois Lai, Singapore/SG
Dr. Drew Maclean, Southampton/UK
Prof.Dr. Gunduz Ogut, Istanbul/TR
Dr. Murat Sahin, Eskisehir/TR
Dr. Lúcia Samouco, Marco de Canaveses/PT
Dr. Purushothama Rao Tummala, Hyderabad/IN
Dr. Maite Urizar Gorosarri, Bilbao/ES
Dr. Sanna Valle, Espoo/FI
Dr. Sarah Yaziz, Kuala Lumpur/MY

January 2022

Dr. Pedro Alves, Faro/PT
Dr. Adela Maria Batista Domenech, Valencia/ES
Dr. Carlos Bilreiro, Lisbon/PT
Dr. Ana Sofia Costa, Lisbon/PT
Dr. Felice D'Antuono, Rozzano/IT
Prof.Dr. Gunduz Ogut, Istanbul/TR
Dr. Rayhaan Rahaman, Norwich/UK
Dr. James Ryan, Dublin/IE
Dr. Lúcia Samouco, Marco de Canaveses/PT
Dr. Purushothama Rao Tummala, Hyderabad/IN
Dr. Maite Urizar Gorosarri, Madrid/ES
Dr. Andrew Wray, Belfast/UK

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