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European Radiology ESGAR Awards

European Radiology ESGAR Awards 2016

"Management and Follow Up of Gallbladder Polyps. Joint Guidelines between the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR), European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other interventional techniques (EAES), International Society of Digestive Surgery - European Federation (EFISDS) and European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE)”

Authors: Rebecca Wiles, Ruedi F. Thoeni, Sorin Traian Barbu, Yogesh K. Vashist, Søren Rafael Rafaelsen, Catherine Dewhurst, Marianna Arvanitakis, Max Lahaye, Marek Soltes, Julie Perinel, Stuart Ashley Roberts

This article was published in European Radiology.

“The first joint ESGAR/ESPR consensus statement on the technical performance of cross sectional small bowel and colonic imaging“

Authors: Stuart A. Taylor, Fred Avni, Carmel G. Cronin, Christine Hoeffel, Seung H. Kim, Andrea Laghi, Marcello Napolitano, Philippe Petit, Jordi Rimola, Damian J. Tolan, Michael R. Torkzad, Magaly Zappa, Gauraang Bhatnagar, Carl A.J. Puylaert, Jaap Stoker

This article was published in European Radiology.

“Prediction of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor grade with MR imaging features: added value of diffusion-weighted imaging”

Authors: Emad Lotfalizadeh, Maxime Ronot, Mathilde Wagner, Jérôme Cros, Anne Couvelard, Marie-Pierre Vullierme, Wassim Allaham, Olivia Hentic, Philippe Ruzniewski, Valérie Vilgrain

This article was published in European Radiology.

“Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI for monitoring future liver remnant function after portal vein embolization and extended hemihepatectomy - a prospective trial”

Authors: Dominik Geisel, Philip Raabe, Lutz Lüdemann, Maciej Malinowski, Martin Stockmann, Daniel Seehofer, Johann Pratschke, Bernd Hamm, Timm Denecke

This article was published in European Radiology.

European Radiology ESGAR Awards 2015

"Computer tomography colonography participation and yield in patients under surveillance for 6-9 mm polyps in a population-based screening trial”

Authors: Charlotte J. Tutein Nolthenius, Thierry N. Boellaard, Margriet C. de Haan, C. Yung Nio, Maarten G. J. Thomeer, Shandra Bipat, Alexander D. Montauban van Swijndregt, Marc J. van de Vijver, Katharina Biermann, Ernst J. Kuipers, Evelien Dekker, Jaap Stoker

This article was published in European Radiology.

“Markers of sarcopenia and body composition quantified by computed tomography predict adverse long-term outcome in patients with resected esophageal or gastroesophageal junction cancer”

Authors: Dietmar Tamandl, Matthias Paireder, Reza Asari, Pascal A. Baltzer, Sebastian F. Schoppmann, Ahmed Ba-Ssalamah

This article was published in European Radiology.

"Volume-assisted estimation of liver function based on Gd-EOB-DTPA–enhanced MR relaxometry"

Authors: Michael Haimerl, Mona Schlabeck, Niklas Verloh, Florian Zeman, Claudia Fellner, Dominik Nickel, Ana Paula Barreiros, Martin Loss, Christian Stroszczynski, Philipp Wiggermann

This article was published in European Radiology.

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