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Research and Radiology

Research incorporates systemic observations, measurement, and experiments under controlled conditions, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses that arise from this. Systematic research increases our knowledge base and enhances out ability to innovate, devise new applications and drive our discipline forwards.

As a technically based discipline, research is the future of Radiology. Research provokes critical-thinking and develops problem-solving skills. It enhances our visibility both within academic circles and beyond, within the wider healthcare disciplines. Research appeals to the brightest residents, fellows and staff radiologists. It attracts industry support and governmental funds and influences healthcare financing. Research is also fun!

Radiologists should be encouraged to engage with research projects during their professional lives, especially trainees since these are the Principal Investigators of the future. Both basic and clinical research is beneficial, especially the translation of one to the other; “bench to bedside”.

ESGAR, as an international professional and scientific society, wishes to play its part in influencing the future of radiology by means of fostering education in research. ESGAR wishes to provide research training during our annual meetings and courses, give guidance for residency programs by adapting their training charter and other guidelines, and by facilitating networking between European research groups.

Imaging platforms, both basic and high technology, are widely accessible throughout the European Union. Current overarching research themes are currently focusing on  the development of imaging biomarkers for early and accurate diagnosis (including population screening) and the use of imaging to evaluate treatment response via structural, dynamic, functional, biological, cellular and metabolomic analysis, all in a patient centered approach. Radiogenomics is an emerging field that promises to link diagnostic imaging and molecular diagnostics. Imaging is essential to guide tissue sampling and deliver new forms of local therapy. Indeed, theranostics promises to combine diagnosis and treatment within a single imaging procedure.

ESGAR is proud to provide a research platform for all ESGAR members to help facilitate ease of access via a web-based resource. This which will include details of:

  • Research training courses
  • Funding and research opportunities
  • Data management and handling
  • Examples of good practice
  • How and where to publish
  • Relevant conferences, such as the Research Center at ESGAR meetings
  • Latest research publications and main findings
  • Database of quantification tools and image processing facilities
  • Database of Research Centers and areas of interest
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