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ESGAR Research Fellowship Programme

The ESGAR Research Committee is proud to present the ESGAR Research Fellowship Programme.

The fellowship aims to support European research projects in abdominal imaging for ESGAR members. The fellowship is intended for early-career researchers that have already an active research program or with (initial) experience in research procedures, including obtaining ethical permissions, data acquirement, review of study images or procedures, data management, multidisciplinary collaboration with statisticians/clinicians/clinical scientists, post-processing, preparing oral/written presentations and writing articles.

Applicants will be matched with an appropriate host institution that has met the eligibility criteria listed below.


Information for interested host institutions:

Host institution eligibility:

  • Availability of an established research program in abdominal imaging at the host institution is required as well as availability to provide a suitable research project for an ESGAR fellow of 1 to 2 years duration.
  • The project focus must be abdominal imaging but can relate to any imaging modality, including intervention. Preclinical research, clinical research, and physics/computational research (including AI) are all eligible.
  • The research should be performed at a European institution or in collaboration with a European institution (collaboration between at least two institutions is welcomed).
  • The project supervisor is an ESGAR active member, corresponding member, fellow or corresponding fellow.
  • The institution can provide financial support of 25,000 Euros to meet the cost of the research project and/or contribute to the living expenses of the fellow.
  • The institution commits to aiding the fellow in obtaining full and necessary permissions to attend and carry out the project.


The host institution must complete the standardised application form and send it to the Central ESGAR Office.

Selection criteria for the host institution:

  • Track record of the primary and collaborating research department, organisation, and infrastructure
  • Scientific value of the proposed project (prospective studies are prioritised)
  • Soundness of the methodology for the proposed project, including realistic milestones and realistic outcome measures (ability to finish in 1 to 2 years)
  • Soundness of the financial proposal


Information for interested fellows:

Research fellow eligibility:

  • The research fellowship is open to applications from active members, corresponding members, fellows, and corresponding fellows.
  • The applicant should be actively involved in research, predominantly in the field of abdominal imaging with a good track record, reflected in the curriculum vitae, received grants, honours and publications.
  • The applicant should have a confirmation from the head of their department or employer that permission will be granted for them to undertake the fellowship at the host institution.


The application should be completed following the standardized application form and should contain the following:

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant
  • Preferred host institution (if known)
  • Confirmation letter by the head of the applicant’s department:
    a) detailing that full permission is given for the applicant to undertake the fellowship at a host institution (as listed on the ESGAR website) other than the home institution
    b) any additional funding required by the applicant beyond that provided by the host institution has been met
  • Letter of motivation (why does the applicant think they should get the fellowship)

Selection criteria for the research fellow:

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (track record in research, publications, honours, and grants)
  • Proffered reasons for wishing to undertake the fellowship, and potential impact on the academic career

Selection panel:

The selection panel will comprise a representative of the successful host institution(s) and members of the ESGAR research committee.


  • ESGAR encourages scientific dissemination, including scientific abstracts and publications (an abstract should be submitted for the ESGAR annual meeting in addition to other conferences).
  • The ESGAR research fellowship should be acknowledged in abstracts of scientific presentations and publications.
  • ESGAR expects an annual progress report and a report at the end of the project, including description of the scientific progress and (when available) means of dissemination of the results.
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