ESGAR Research Fellowship Programme

The ESGAR Research Committee is proud to present the ESGAR Research Fellowship Programme.

The fellowship aims to support European research projects in abdominal imaging for ESGAR members. The fellowship is intended for early-career researchers that have already an active research program or with (initial) experience in research procedures, including obtaining ethical permissions, data acquirement, review of study images or procedures, data management, multidisciplinary collaboration with statisticians/clinicians/clinical scientists, post-processing, preparing oral/written presentations and writing articles.


Research Fellowship in Imaging of Cancer at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam)

The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam is a Comprehensive Cancer Center with a focus on innovation in research and treatment of cancer patients. The department of radiology provides highly subspecialised diagnostic and interventional oncology service in almost all tumour types. The clinical and translational research at the department is multidisciplinary in collaboration with surgery, radiotherapy and other clinical specialties. It focuses on imaging for the assessment of response to cancer treatment with validation in particular of functional MR parameters. The research in rectal cancer MRI is an internationally recognised track and many related projects are taking place. The MR rectal research extends to other cancer types including breasts, lung, colon, liver, melanoma, brain and head and neck tumours. Another important focus of research is Radiomics and image segmentation. The imaging research at the Department of Radiology is performed and supervised by an international team of PhD fellows, post doc scientists, radiologists, surgeons and radiotherapists. The combination of an inspiring research infrastructure and atmosphere together with a high volume cancer care facilitates many relevant and innovative clinical imaging projects in our Comprehensive Cancer Center.



  1. This exchange programme applies to radiologists within the first three years after certification.
  2. The candidate should preferably have experience in conducting research.
  3. He/She should have basic skills in medical database handling.
  4. The candidate should be fluent in English and have communicative skills.
  5. He/She should have experience in scientific English writing.
  6. The successful candidate will have to make himself/herself available for an interview online.
  7. Must be an ESGAR member in good standing.

Duration and funding:

The starting date of the fellowship will be decided in agreement between the centre and the fellow and will last for 12 months. The fellow will receive a monthly grant of € 1.800,00 to contribute to housing / living expenses.

Programme structure:

The research fellow will participate in one of the research projects of the department and depending on his/her skills, he/she will have the opportunity to work on an own project within the context of the research lines. Intensive supervision and mentorship from a senior researcher is guaranteed. A detailed individual programme is determined at the beginning of the fellowship in consultation with the fellow. The research fellow is expected to deliver at least one scientific publication in a peer reviewed journal.


After successful completion of the fellowship the trainee receives a certificate from ESGAR and Netherlands Cancer Institute. In order to receive this, the fellow must present a written report about his/her work and activities during the programme.

How to apply:

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents by e-mail to the Central ESGAR Office:

  • A current CV (it is mandatory to use this template)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Confirmation letter by chief of applicants own institution detailing full permission to undertake the fellowship

Please indicate "ESGAR Research Fellowship Amsterdam" in the subject line and include your membership status in your application.

Fellow: Dr. Nino Bogveradze (American Hospital Tbilisi/Georgia)

Training Centre: The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

It is with great gratitude that I wish to thank ESGAR for the opportunity to undertake the research fellowship within the department of radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The one-year fellowship in research under the expert guidance of Prof. Regina Beets-Tan and Dr. Doenja Lambregts was an unforgettable experience. From the outset I was welcomed into their department and research team in one of the leading comprehensive cancer centers in Europe, where I was supported and empowered to engage in research and learn from leading experts in this field. I would like to compare the team at the NKI to a family. A family with amazing members who are experts in their fields and with whom it has been a great pleasure to work with and learn from. Within the radiology department at the NKI there is ongoing research in almost every field of oncologic imaging, including cutting-edge developments such as AI. I have to thank an amazing radiologist, true professional, and my good friend Dr. Doenja Lambregts who was always been there to guide me in my research and support me no matter what. I would also like to thank Dr. Max Lahaye who was also actively involved in my projects and always available to advise me and share his opinions. I would like to thank Dr. Monique Maas and my fellow PhD students at the NKI who were always happy to support me in my projects. Finally, I owe great thank to Prof. Beets-Tan who welcomed me so graciously into her team.


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