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ESGAR Research map

The ESGAR Research Map aims to interconnect ESGAR members by improving the visibility of research lines and topics of ESGAR members in various European institutions. Details provided include principal investigator(s), research topic(s) and departmental websites / personal contact details, where available.

By clicking on an institution, a box will appear containing the details described above. To search for your topic of interest in the Research Map, you first need to enlarge the map using the 'view larger map' icon in the top-right corner of the map below. In the enlarged map, you can click on the magnifying glasses in the top-left panel to start searching.

The map not only holds the research sites, but has an optional layer to visualize the ESGAR/ESOR fellowship training centres. To do so, click on 'show/hide side bar' icon in the top-left corner of the map below and select the desired layers. 

If your institute is missing, your details need an update, or you have any other inquiry pertaining the Research Map, please contact the ESGAR Research Committee at researchmap@remove-this.esgar.org


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