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Technical Abdominal CT Workshop


Over the last decade, the technique of computed tomography (CT) has developed fast resulting in an improved diagnostic accuracy at a lower radiation dose. At the same time, the refined technical developments of CT require an improved knowledge from the radiologists and technologists for fully exploiting the CT scanners’ potential. The protocols of state-of the art CT scanners therefore need to be frequently optimized to improve patient safety and care.


The aim of the workshop is to discuss important aspects of abdominal CT imaging including radiation safety, protocol optimization, contrast media application, multi-energy CT as well as reporting of abdominal CT studies. The format of the workshop will include mainly formal lectures that have been assigned to expert colleagues, able to thoroughly discuss each topic. Each lecture permits enough time to allow the audience to “ask the experts” questions in a direct way. Moreover, an interactive discussion on controversial topics will be provided. 

Target group

Radiologists in training, radiologists and technologists

Learning Objectives

  •         To review the most important developments of CT in the last decade
  •         To understand the radiation risk associated with abdominal CT
  •         To learn how to apply dose reduction techniques for abdominal CT
  •         To learn how to optimize contrast media application for abdominal CT
  •         To discuss CT protocol optimization for CT imaging of the liver, pancreas and bowel
  •         To review the basics concepts of tumor response assessment
  •         To be aware of pros and cons of using standardized reporting in abdominal imaging
  • ·       To review the technological background of multi-energy CT and its application in abdominal imaging

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Workshop News

ESUR Annual Scientific Meeting 2019
September 19 - 22, 2019 (Dublin/IE)
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