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ESGAR/ESCP Workshop on GI tract tumour - a multidisciplinary approach


The European Society of Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Imaging (ESGAR) and the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) are organising together a multidisciplinary course on GI tract tumour.


This course aims to enhance the multidisciplinary approach of patients with malignant diseases of the GI tract as well that of the postoperative patients and it will increase the quality of management. In expert lectures and interactive workshops each given by a multidisciplinary group of radiologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, pathologists and radiotherapists the attendees learn about new imaging methods, the clinically relevant questions and how the answers impact treatment decision making in oesophageal and bowel cancer and postoperative complications of bowel surgery.

Target Group

Radiologists, gastroenterologists, radiotherapists, oncologists, surgeons

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the different treatment options
  • To know the factors that are relevant for clinical decision making
  • To understand how imaging is used to guide surgical and radiation treatment planning
  • To learn about the role of EUS, CT and MRI for primary staging
  • To learn about the relevant imaging features
  • To know the performance of CT, PET/CT, MRI and functional MRI for assessment of treatment response during and after chemoradiotherapy
  • To know the evidence on CT colonography in symptomatic and surveillance patients and in screening
  • To understand the strength and weaknesses of CT colonography
  • To learn the present role of CT colonography as compared to colonoscopy in symptomatic and surveillance patients and in screening
  • To learn the role of imaging in management of oesophageal, colon and rectal cancer
  • To know the main bowel surgical procedures
  • To learn the treatment options for postoperative complications
  • To know the accuracy of CT for diagnosing leakage and abscess formation, internal herniation, strangulation, obstruction, ischemia and acute bleeding

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