July 10 - 14, 2023


Valata Minusa country resort
Via Rocciola Scrofani, 207
97015 Modica RG, Italy

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Local Organiser

Prof. Giuseppe Brancatelli
Universita di Palermo
Sezione di Scienze Radiologiche
Palermo, Italy


The summer school will be held in English.


J-ESGAR Summer School promotes GI imaging among new generations of radiologists and senior residents with the aim of improving and homogenising educational standards in GI radiology throughout Europe.

J-ESGAR Summer School has also the scope of creating an environment able to encourage future exchanges among young European radiologists, both for education and research.


The structure consists of a five-day programme, based on topics from GI sub-specialty European curriculum. The programme will implement modern educational teaching formats, including small group teaching and case based discussions. Interactivity will be guaranteed by expert tutors from the ESGAR faculty, including senior and junior ESGAR fellows. A post-course evaluation questionnaire will be prepared for self assessment. Participants will be required to identify training needs that will serve as indications to develop future educational courses.

Target Group

Senior residents (3rd to 5th year) or young fellows, up to 35 years.

Monday, July 10, 2023

14:00Welcome lunch 
15:00Course introduction 
15:20Focal liver lesionsG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
15:40Case reviewG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
16:20Coffee Break 
16:50Which MR contrast agents for liver imaging?V. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
17:10Case reviewV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
17:50MRI of primary liver cancer: from diagnosis to stagingV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
18:10Case reviewV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
19:30Dinner at the venue 

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

09:00Liver metastasesM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
09:20Case reviewM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
10:00Acute mesenteric Ischemia  M. Ronot, Clichy/FR
11:20Case reviewM. Ronot, Clichy/FR
11:00Coffee break 
11:30Pancreatic adenocarcinomaM. Zins, Paris/FR
11:50Case reviewM. Zins, Paris/FR
13:30Pancreatic cystic lesionsM. Zins, Paris/FR
13:50Case reviewM. Zins, Paris/FR
14:30MR Enterography: technique and applicationsS. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
14:50Case reviewS. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
15:30Coffee break 
16:00Trip to Siracusa and dinner 

Wednesday, July 12

09:00MRI for locoregional staging of anal cancerS. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
09:20Case reviewS. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
10:00Rectal cancer staging with MRI  R.G.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
10:20Case reviewR.G.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
11:00Coffee break 
11:30Rectal cancer MRI restaging -response assessmentR.G.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
11:50Case reviewR.G.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
13:30Large bowel tumorsA. Laghi, Rome /IT
13:50Case reviewA. Laghi, Rome /IT
14:30Abdominal emergencies I     F. Vernuccio, Padova/IT
14:50Case reviewF. Vernuccio, Padova/IT
15:30Coffee break 
16:00Trip to Noto and dinner  

Thursday, July 13

09:00Abdominal and retroperitoneal massesR. Cannella, Palermo/IT
09:20Case reviewR. Cannella, Palermo/IT
10:00Whole body MR ImagingM. Galia, Palermo/IT
10:20Case reviewM. Galia, Palermo/IT
11:00Coffee break 
11:30CEUST. Bartolotta, Palermo/IT
11:50Case presentationT. Bartolotta, Palermo/IT
14:30Free afternoon at the beach and dinner 

Friday, July 14

09:00Interactive case-based presentationG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
10:30Final remarks 
10:40Brunch before departure 


T. Bartolotta, Palermo/IT
R.G.H. Beets-Tan, Amsterdam/NL
G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
R. Cannella, Palermo/IT
M. Galia, Palermo/IT
S. Gourtsoyianni, Athens/GR
A. Laghi, Rome/IT
M. Ronot, Clichy/FR
F. Vernuccio, Padova/IT
M. Zins, Paris/FR

 The participation fee is € 500,00. This fee includes

  • Access to lectures and case-based discussions
  • Final programme
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Accommodation in a shared room (max. 4 People)
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Coffee breaks
  • Leisure activites including airport transfers

Kindly note, that applicants are responsible for their own travel arrangement.

Matko Gulin, Croatia - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Gozo

"The ESGAR Summer School was the perfect mix of a radiology crash course in abdominal imaging and a summer vacation on a beautiful island of Gozo. Perfect for residents or newly specialised radiologists who practise abdominal imaging. The participants were radiology residents from other parts of Europe and it was so interesting and funny to talk about our daily radiology training and lifestyle in different countries. Presentations and specific cases covered all kind of pathologies as well as the faculty lectures. The social programme was great, covering all kind of activities - perfect to make new friends from other parts of Europe! Great experience!"

Milda Dedelaite, Denmark - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Mafra

"The ESGAR Summer School is a perfect mix of a radiology course and a summer camp designed for residents or newly specialised radiologists interested in abdominal imaging. Lectures covered a wide range of different pathologies and were delivered by the experts in the abdominal imaging. They were followed by interactive cases and this was particularly useful for putting the newly acquired knowledge into practice. Other participants were radiology residents from all over Europe and it was so interesting to hear about radiology training in other countries. The social programme was well organised and left time to get to know other participants. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to participate in the ESGAR Summer School 2018."

Naami Mcaddy, United Kingdom - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Mafra

"JESS 2018 was a wonderful experience. Organisation was impeccable from the first moment. Course timetable and details were provided well in advanced. Logistics, such as arranging transport from the airport was perfect, allowing us to relax, and get to know our colleagues and arrive stress-free and on time to enjoy the course.T he lectures themselves were excellent, the topics highly relevant to us residents. Case-based learning allowed us to consolidate knowledge as well as highlight areas of confusion. There was able time to ask questions, both during the sessions or over coffee or beers in the evening. The speakers were all approachable and had passion for their subjects which was infectious! The fantastic organising committee went to extra lengths to ensure we not only learnt radiology, but also about local culture and food, with evening tours and fantastic restaurants all arranged for us. I highly recommend this course, and would like to thank the team once again for hosting such a fantastic week for us all."

Benjamin Leenknegt, The Netherlands - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Mafra

"The Junior ESGAR Summer School in Portugal was a great experience! The Summer School uniquely combines interesting lectures on abdominal imaging with a wide variety of fun social and cultural activities. In the newly introduced case discussions we interpreted cases in small groups, which allowed us to immediately put into practice what we learned from the lectures. Although the lectures and case discussions were great learning moments, the absolute highlight of the summer school undoubtedly was the “ESGAR star”-song when we all joined for a grandiose group sing-and-dance moment on the tunes of ABBA’s “Dancing queen”. I would recommend the ESGAR Summmer School to every radiology resident!"

Kalina Chupetlovska, Bulgaria - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Modica

"For me, the ESGAR Summer School was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had, both professionally and personally. On the one hand, I got to hear talks by some of the best lecturers in the field, on the other – to meet a lot of young residents from all over the world. We shared experience, we shared stories. And I think it made all of our worlds a little bigger.
Living in a relatively small country and working in one of the leading university hospitals, I always knew that it would be too easy for me to compare my knowledge and my expertise to the one of other residents from my country. I wanted to be able to see and hear from the source, how residents from other countries work. It was incredibly useful for me to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the systems in their departments and hospitals. I think I will be getting back to Bulgaria, bringing a lot of knowledge and fresh ideas on how to make myself, my work and even my workplace better. And I just can’t wait to share some of the interesting cases we saw with all of my colleagues!
I only wish that residents could go to the Summer School more than once and there were more amazing events like this one. I will recommend it to all my friends, so that next year one of them could experience this! Thanks a lot to everyone who made it possible, for all your hard work and all the hospitality!"

Anna Bielecka, Poland - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Valencia

"The JESS is an unique combination of a radiology workshop and a summer camp - that was exactly the thing I needed! During those five days I have learned a lot about abdominal radiology, therefore, I will be able to introduce new knowledge to my daily practice and ,thus, improve it.
I really liked the case sessions, where we discussed different cases (sometimes tricky) together with participants and professors. I have met many nice people from different countries, with whom I spent a lot of fun time, for example, playing a table football.
Last, but not least, I was amazed with the perfect organisation and kindness of the local organisers. I will be definitely recommending JESS to my colleagues, and I hope, ESGAR is planning a senior school."

Alkmini Skoura, Greece - participant of the Junior ESGAR Summer School in Rome

"ESGAR Junior Summer School has been an amazing experience. I found the way the courses were held really educational. The subject of the courses, the way the tutors were presenting them and the fact that we worked in groups with our own workstations, helped us understand and interact as much as possible. At the same time we had the chance to meet young colleagues from all over Europe and to enjoy ourselves in the best way. The informal character of the Summer School and the kind treatment and attention by the local organisers made us all feel like home. I feel really lucky for being a part of this first JESS. I wish ESGAR continues giving its young members this great opportunity. I also hope that Greece will be one of the following hosting countries."

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced fees for Annual Meetings (virtual & face to face)
  • Reduced fees for Workshops (virtual & face to face)
  • Exclusive right to participate in society sponsored activities
  • Free access to “European Radiology” on-line
  • Reduced subscription rate to "Abdominal Radiology"
  • Eligibility to participate in Guideline Working Groups
  • Subspecialty Recognition Certificates
  • ESGAR e-Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Access to the ESGAR e-Education Portal
  • Educational and networking activities

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