The Young ESGAR Coordinating Team

Young ESGAR is currently coordinated by an international team of 10 YE members who are also representing YE as delegates in the research, educational, workshop and membership committees:

Doenja Lambregts, Amsterdam/NL – Chair                     (Research Committee)
Pablo Rodríguez Carnero, Madrid/ES
Damiano Caruso, Rome/IT                                                    (Educational Committee)
Francesca Castagnoli, London/UK
Manil Chouhan, London/UK
Katja de Paepe, London/UK                                                    (Workshop Committee)
Casper Mihl, Maastricht/NL                                                      (Workshop Committee)
Verena Obmann, Bern/CH
Cäcilia Reiner, Zurich/CH                                                          (Membership Committee)
Carmelo Sofia,  San Filippo del Mela/IT                                  (Membership Committee)

Young ESGAR representatives in ESGAR Subcommittees: 

Education Committee (2021 - 2023)
Damiano Caruso, Rome/IT
Davide Bellini, Latina/IT
Alexandre Perez Girbes, Valencia/ES
Carolina Terra, Coimbra/PT

Workshop Committee (2021 - 2023)
Casper Mihl, Maastricht/NL
Katja De  Paepe, Cambridge/UK

Research Committee (2021 - 2023)
Milda Dedelaite, Aalborg/DK
Maira Hameed, London/UK

Membership Committee (2021 - 2023)
Kalina Chupetlovska, Sofia/BG
Carmelo Sofia, Messina/IT

ESGAR 2022 Programme Committee
Roberto Cannella, Palermo/IT
Caecilia Reiner, Zurich/CH
Katja De Paepe, London/UK

Young ESGAR Committees and Activities

There are several active subcommittees within Young ESGAR that organize a range of (online) activities:

The online and social media committee organizes YE’s social media activities and communications and provides input of behalf of YE for the ESGAR newsletter and website.

The e-education committee develops new online education initiatives for residents and radiologists, including the Young ESGAR anatomy e-tutorials that were successfully launched during the ESGAR annual meeting in 2020 and are now permanently available via the website.

The School of ESGAR (SOE) committee helps coordinate the School of ESGAR program for the annual meetings including the organization of the cases of the day quiz.

The membership and social activities committee actively promotes YE aiming to attract new members. They also organize (online) social events and form the link between YE and young groups of other societies such as UEG. In January 2021 they launched the first ever online YE event in the form of an online pubquiz!

In addition, Young ESGAR is involved in the ESGAR research mentorship program that was launched in 2020-2021 and is organized by the Research Committee in collaboration with YE.

Finally, Young ESGAR is represented with delegates in the ESR Radiology trainee’s forum and friends of the UEG’s Young Talent Group.

Become a Member of Young ESGAR!

Young ESGAR is always looking for new members!

Would you like to join our active Young ESGAR community and let your voice be heard within ESGAR?

Are you:

  • an ESGAR member?
  • A junior radiologist, resident, or radiology researcher (preferably <40 years of age)?
  • Full of ideas on how young ESGAR members can become more involved in our community?
  • Keen to share your ideas and help shape the future of ESGAR?  

Then join Young ESGAR via the following link: YE membership
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Membership Benefits

  • Reduced fees for Annual Meetings (virtual & face to face)
  • Reduced fees for Workshops (virtual & face to face)
  • Exclusive right to participate in society sponsored activities
  • Free access to “European Radiology” on-line
  • Reduced subscription rate to "Abdominal Radiology"
  • Eligibility to participate in Guideline Working Groups
  • Subspecialty Recognition Certificates
  • ESGAR e-Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Access to the ESGAR e-Education Portal
  • Educational and networking activities

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