ESGAR Research Committee (2021 - 2023)              

Stuart A.Taylor, London/UK

Isabelle de Kock, Ghent/BE
Doenja Lambregts, Amsterdam/NL
Monique Maas, Amsterdam/NL
Stephanie Nougaret, Montpellier/FR
Andrew Plumb, Esher/UK
Ines Santiago, Lisbon/PT
Soren Rafaelsen, Vejle/DK
Maxime Ronot, Clichy/FR
Vincent Vandecaveye, Leuven/BE

Milda Dedelaite, Aalborg/DK
Maira Hameed, London/UK

The role of the ESGAR research committee is to initiate, coordinate and oversee the production and progress of ESGAR guidelines through to their completion and publication. Guideline-specific working groups that comprise ESGAR members who are experts in the field will develop these ESGAR guidelines.

The ESGAR research committee envisages two principal types of guideline as follows:

Monodisciplinary guidelines will be developed under sole ESGAR stewardship, and will normally concern technical performance and protocols relevant to abdominal imaging using high technology imaging platforms.

Multidisciplinary guidelines will normally describe the role of abdominal imaging in specific clinical circumstances, including comparison of multiple imaging techniques where appropriate. These multidisciplinary guidelines will normally be developed in collaboration with one or more relevant clinical societies.

For more information on ESGAR and Research, please click here.

ESGAR Guideline Development Manual

The Research Committee has developed a document describing the development process of an ESGAR guideline. This document is to be used for monodisciplinary ESGAR guidelines and may be used in multidisciplinary guidelines (to be determined together with the other involved society/societies).


Proposal of new topics for ESGAR guidelines

The membership is invited to propose topics for guidelines. Please be sufficiently specific in the topic description, indicate whether you think this should be more a technical guideline or a clinical (multidisciplinary) guideline and also describe the reason(s) for proposing the topic(s).

If you have more than one topic proposal, please submit these as separate topics.

Research Committee

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