ESGAR Research Mentorship Programme

The ESGAR Research Committee and Young ESGAR are proud to present the 2020-2021 ESGAR research mentorship programme.

Scope and aims:

The ESGAR research mentorship programme is a yearlong programme intended to guide young researchers who have just begun their academic career and have unmet mentoring needs. The programme pairs junior ESGAR members (mentees) with a senior ESGAR member (mentor) outside of their own institution.

  • Mentors for the 2020-2021 mentorship programme include Regina Beets-Tan (NL), Lennart Blomqvist (SE), Giuseppe Brancatelli (IT), Luís Curvo-Semedo (PT), Doenja Lambregts (NL), Maxime Ronot (FR), Jaap Stoker (NL), Stuart Taylor (GB), Federica Vernuccio (IT), Valérie Vilgrain (FR) and Christoph Zech (CH).
  • Aim of the mentorship is to advise junior ESGAR members in their academic career or field of research.
  • Thementor is not expected to actively take part in a specific research project but rather to provide the mentee with support and advice on specific topics such as:
    • Scientific career development
    • Setting up a research line and managing a research team
    • Funding options and grantmanship
    • Trial design and methodology in radiology
    • Scientific abstract and paper writing
    • Critically reviewing scientific literature and evidence
  • The mentorship does not include funding. Intended number of mentorship positions per year: 5-10
  • Mentorship programme:
    • One-year period, which will be launched in Q4 2020 / Q1 2021.
    • The mentorship programme will include 2-3 online mentorship group meetings (with all mentees),  incl. a kick-off meeting at the start of the mentorship programme and a final meeting at the end of the one year mentorship programme.
    • Via the mentorship programme, the mentees will be notified of any ESGAR educational activities focused on research, such as the ESGAR research tutorials so that the mentees may benefit from these activities. The mentees are expected to attend these activities. 
    • The mentorship programme will be monitored by a coordinator from the ESGAR Research Committee, who will also host the online mentorship group meetings.

Requirements and procedure to apply as a mentee:

Requirements for mentees:

  • ESGAR member (junior or full member)
  • Resident, junior-radiologist (within 1-3 years post-training) or junior researcher
  • Member of Young ESGAR (to become a member of Young ESGAR, please send a mail to
  • Actively involved in research or starting to be involved in research  
  • At the end of the yearlong mentorship programme the mentees will be asked to provide a short end-report (1 A4) describing the goals set at the beginning of the mentorship programme and to what extent (and via which activities) these goals have been achieved

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 Mentorship programme has expired. 

Congratulations to the successful candidates: 



Alessandra Borgheresi   (IT)

Lennart Blomqvist  (SE)

Ana Teresa Vilares (PT)

Valerie Vilgrain (FR)

Cesare Maino (IT)

Giuseppe Brancatelli (IT)

Kalina Chupetslova (BG)

Federica Vernuccio (IT)

Katharina Lampichler (AT)

Maxime Ronot (FR)

Katya Doykova (BG)

Luis Curvo-Semedo (PT)

Maciej Nebula (PL)

Maxime Ronot (FR)

Maira Hameed (GB)

Jaap Stoker (NL)

Marta Zerunian (IT)

Stuart Taylor (GB)

Mohamed Adel Abdelatty (EG)

Stuart Taylor (GB)

Mohammed Alturiqy (SA)

Doenja Lambregts (NL)

Rosa Alba Pugliesi (DE)

Christoph Zech (CH)

Rosmi Hassan Karuvath (IN)

Jaap Stoker (NL)

Satya Jha (IN)

Doenja Lambregts (NL)

Simone Vicini (IT)

Federica Vernuccio (IT)

Soonaz Malekzadeh (CH)

Regina Beets-Tan (NL)


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