ESGAR Junior Research Mentorship Starter Programme 2023/2024

The ESGAR Research Committee and Young ESGAR are proud to present the 2023-2024 ESGAR junior research mentorship starter programme.

The junior starter programme is designed as a peer-to peer mentoring programme where junior researchers can learn from their more experienced peers. One mentee will be assigned to one mentor (exception will be made if 2 mentees are from the same institution and want to share a project)

  • Target group: junior researchers, i.e. residents or young consultant radiologists, who have no or very limited experience in research and seek guidance to set up a first (small scale) research project.
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • Junior resident or radiologist (<35 years)
    • Being an ESGAR member in good standing
    • No or limited previous experience in research (no PhD)
    • No or limited experience in presenting scientific or (educational) work at past ESGAR meetings
    • Motivated to complete small-scale project within a 1 years’ time period, aiming to submit an abstract for ESGAR 2024
  • Mentors: Intermediate / sub-senior level, experienced in research (PhD-level), with previous experience in presenting research at the ESGAR annual meeting.
  • Aims: the aim of the peer-to-peer programme is to follow a stepwise approach (incl. a minimum of 5 meetings) aiming to complete a small-scale research project and prepare a submission for the 2024 annual meeting. This can either be a scientific abstract or an educational (poster) submission. The role of the mentor will be to offer general advice, guidance and feedback. The mentor will not actively participate in the research project itself, nor will the mentee be involved in research projects of the mentor.

Steps and timelines:

  • Preparation (Oct-Dec 2022):
    - Application opens
    - Assign mentees to mentors
  • Step 1 (Kick off) – How to find a topic (Jan-Feb 2023)
    - Mentors get acquainted with mentees
    - Discussion on how find a suitable topic of research
    - Assignment for mentees: come up with 1-3 potential topics for a research project to be sent to mentors in preparation for next meeting
  • Step 2 – How to prepare your project (March-May 2023)
    -  Mentees receive feedback on their proposed research topics
    -  Discussion on how to set up your project, e.g. define SMART goals , divide the work, specify a timeline and set realistic deadlines
    -  Assignment for mentees: write 1-page project plan to be sent to mentors in preparation for next meeting and initiate first steps to start their project
  • Step 3 – How to monitor your progress and achieve your goals (May-Aug 2023)
    - Mentees receive feedback on their project plan
    - Mentees give an update on the progress of their project
    - Discussion on how to monitor your project, incl. tips and tricks on time management and important pitfalls, do’s and don’ts
    - Assignment for mentees: write 1-page project update (incl. preliminary results, if any) in preparation for next meeting
  • Step 4 – How to analyse your data and report your results (Sept-Oct 2023)
    - Mentees give an update on the progress of their project and receive feedback from mentors
    - Discussion on how to analyse your data (incl. tips on statistics) and how to convert your results into a good quality scientific or educational abstract.
    - Assignment for mentees: analyse results and write draft abstract in preparation for next meeting
  • Step 5 – How to finalise and submit your abstract (Nov 2023-Jan 2024)
    - Mentees receive feedback on their preliminary abstracts
    - Discussion on how to optimise your abstract and prepare submission for ESGAR 2024
    - Assignment for mentees: finalise abstract and submit to ESGAR 2024 (if feasible)
  • Follow-up and finalisation of mentorship programme:
    - Mentees and mentors will stay in touch to monitor progress of abstract submission
    - When accepted, mentors can optionally offer additional guidance to help the mentees in preparing their work during ESGAR 2024

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 Mentorship programme has expired. 

Congratulations to the successful candidates: 



Ana Beatriz Fevereiro, Vila Real/PTGauraang Bhatnagar, Frimley/UK
Stavroula Tzamouri, Athens/GRStephanie Nougaret, Montpellier/FR
Mathilde Vionnet, Poitiers/FRDavide Ippolito, Monza/IT
Tong Xiao Xiao, Padova/ITBoris Guiu, Montpellier/FR
Atenea Morcillo Cabrera, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/ESMax Lahaye, Amsterdam/NL
Alberto Barbosa, Matosinhos/PTIsabelle De Kock, Ghent/BE
Miljana Bubanja, Belgrade/RSKieran Foley, Llantrisant/UK
Francesco Marcello Arico, Messina/ITSara Upponi, Cambridge/UK
Gianluca Gullo, Catania/ITJamie Franklin, Oxford/UK
Mathieu Lefrere, Bonheiden/BEManil Chouhan, London/UK
Fernanda Mazzucato, Sao Paulo/BRKatya de Paepe, Cambridge/UK
Anisha Bhagwanani, London/UKElleke Dresen, Leuven/BE
Pooja Hegde, Lancaster/UKThomas Mang, Vienna/AT


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