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Workshop Date

June 4 - 5, 2020

Workshop Venue

Thon Hotel Vika Atrium
Munkedamsveien 45
NO-0250 Oslo, Norway

Workshop Language

The workshop will be held in English.

Local Organiser

Prof. Anne Negård
Akershus University Hospital
Lørenskog, Norway

Scientific Coordinator

Prof. Christoph J. Zech
University Hospital Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Workshop Faculty

G. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
A. Fretland, Oslo/NO
K. Kaasen Joorgensen, Akerhus/NO
T. Lauenstein, Düsseldorf/DE
A. K. Lunder, Lørenskog/NO
Y. Menu, Paris/FR
A. Negård, Lørenskog/NO
I. E. Nygård, Bekkestua/NO
M. Radzina, Riga/LV
I. Santiago, Lisbon/PT
F. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT
G. Zamboni, Verona/IT
C. J. Zech, Basel/CH

Workshop Programme

Thursday, June 4, 2020

09:00Opening remarks

Imaging modalities
09:05US technique including CEUSM. Radzina, Riga/LV
09:30MDCT of the liverG. Zamboni, Verona/IT
09:55Liver MRI: protocol & advanced techniquesI. Santiago, Lisbon/PT
10:15Liver MRI: contrast agentsC.J. Zech, Basel/CH
10:40Coffee break
11:00Interactive case discussions (3 x 30min)


Selected cases of focal liver lesions - value of hepatobiliary contrast agents

C.J. Zech, Basel/CH

 Pitfalls in imaging liver lesions with CTG. Zamboni, Verona/IT
 CE-US: selected cases of focal liver lesionsM. Radzina, Riga/LV

Focal and diffuse diseases
13:45Fat containing lesionsG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
14:10Biliary diseases: benign and malignant lesionsT. Lauenstein, Düsseldorf/DE
14:35Vascular diseasesG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT
15:15Coffee break


Interactive case discussions (3 x 30min)

 Biliary casesT. Lauenstein, Düsseldorf/DE
 Cystic liver lesions - not always trivialI. Santiago, Lisbon/PT
 Vascular diseasesG. Brancatelli, Palermo/IT

Friday, June 5, 2020

Malignant liver disease - HCC and metastases
08:30Controversies in the non-invasive diagnostic criteria for HCCY. Menu, Paris/FR
08:55Imaging of liver metastasisI. Nygård, Oslo/NO
09:20Focal lesions in cirrhosis: not always HCCF. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT
09:55Coffee break 


Interactive case discussions (3 x 30min)

 Liver metastases - F/U after local therapiesC. J. Zech, Basel/CH
 HCC - what needs to be reported in clinical practiceY. Menu, Paris/FR
 Structured approach to lesions in the non-cirrhotic liverF. Vernuccio, Palermo/IT

Primary sclerosing chlangitis and its complications

13:00PSC - what is that disease exactly?K. Kaasen Jorgensen, Akershus/NO
13:25Imaging of patients with PSC - how to depict the extend of the disease and how to detect complicationsA. K. Lunder, Akerhus/NO
13:50Coffee break 


Interactive case discussions (3 x 30min)

 Imaging of focal liver lesions - value of hepato-biliary MRIA. Negård, Oslo/NO
 Miscellaneous findings in PSC patients - what would you do?A. K. Lunder, Akerhus/NO
 Imaging prior to liver resection - what is neededI. Nygård, Oslo/NO; A. Fretland, Oslo/NO
16:00Discussion of quiz cases 

CME European credits:
An application has been made to the EACCME and the ACI for CME accreditation of this event.

Oslo, with its approximately 453 square kilometers, is one of the largest capitals in the world by area. Most of this is forest, making Oslo a city in close contact with the nature surrounding it. Oslo is situated in an amphitheatre-like setting, with the city centre in the bottom close to the Oslofjord, and residential areas stretching uphill from there in all directions. Behind the residential areas, the forested area of Marka (Nordmarka, Østmarka, Lillomarka) extends, with flora and fauna that is quite extraordinary for a city of this size.
The Oslofjord is an inlet of the Skagerrak bay, stretching inland from the North Sea. In the reverse direction, the inlet runs towards Øresund and the Baltic Sea. Oslo has an impressive archipelago of islands, which in summer becomes the city's favoured playground.

Language: Norwegian and Saami
Time zone: UTC+1 hours
Currency: NOK
Electricity: 230 V/50 Hz
Country dialing code: +47
Closest airport: Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)


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