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Workshop Date

April 29 - 29, 2022

Workshop Language

The workshop will be held in English.

Scientific Coordinator

Prof. Maria Antonietta Bali
Jules Bordet Institute

Live Streaming

The workshop will be live streamed in a Zoom Webinar format. The session times are CET.

Workshop Faculty

M. Arvanitaki, Brussels/BE
C. Dromain, Lausanne/CH
N. Kartalis, Stockholm/SE
G. Morana, Treviso/IT
M. Pezzullo, Brussels/BE
R. Pozzi-Mucelli, Stockholm/SE
E. Rangelova, Gothenburg/SE
A. Riddell, London/UK
V. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
M. Zins, Paris/FR

April 28, 2022

S1: Basics of pancreatic imaging
09:00Anatomy of the pancreas: what really matter for the radiologist?M. Zins, Paris/FR
09:15MDCT: techniques and new trends                               N. Kartalis, Stockholm/SE
09:30MRI and MRCP: techniques and new trendstbc
09:45EUS and guided FNA                                                                M. Arvanitaki, Brussels/BE
10:00Q & A 
S2: Pancreatitis: new definitions and imaging challenges
11:30Imaging in acute pancreatitis: how, when and why?   N. Kartalis, Stockholm/SE
11:50Chronic pancreatitis: imaging findings and management implicationsM. Pezzullo, Brussels/BE
12:10Specific forms of chronic pancreatitisG. Morana, Treviso/IT
12:30Q & A 

S3: Case-based interactive discussions

14:00Acute and chronic pancreatitis: cases from my workstation  M. Pezzullo, Brussels/BE
14:30Acute and chronic pancreatitis: cases from my workstation  G. Morana, Treviso/IT
15:00Q & A 
S4: Case-based interactive discussions
16:00Ductal abnormalities and pancreatic pseudotumoursV. Vilgrain, Clichy/FR
16:30Ductal abnormalities and pancreatic pseudotumourstbc
17:00Q & A 

April 29, 2022

S5: Solid pancreatic tumours
09:00Definitions of resectability-criteria for adenocarcinoma                                E. Rangelova, Gothenburg/SE
09:20Adenocarcinoma imaging: initial diagnosis and staging     A. Riddell, London/UK
09:40Re-staging pancreatic adenocarcinoma in the setting
of Neo-adjuvant chemo-(radiation) therapy
M. Zins, Paris/FR
10:00Neuroendocrine tumours: imaging findings and management implications                                     C. Dromain, Lausanne/CH
10:20Q & A 
S6: Cystic pancreatic tumours
11:30Which cystic tumours should be resectedE. Rangelova, Gothenburg/SE
11:50Serous or mucinous tumour? How can we make the right diagnosis?G. Morana, Treviso/IT
12:10IPMNs: recent guidelinesR. Pozzi-Mucelli, Stockholm/SE
12:30Q & A 
S7: Case-based interactive discussions
14:00Solid pancreatic tumours: common and uncommon appearancesA. Riddell, London/UK
14:30Post-operative and follow up imaging finding           M. Zins, Paris/FR
15:00Q & A 
S8: Case-based interactive discussions
16:00Cystic pancreatic tumoursR. Pozzi-Mucelli, Stockholm/SE
16:30Neuroendocrine pancreatic tumours         C. Dromain, Lausanne/CH
17:00Q & A 
17:30Closing remarks and Adjourn 

Registration Fees

Radiologists, Physicians

ESGAR Member

€ 330.00

Non Member

€ 540.00


Radiologists in Training (Residents)

ESGAR Member

€ 120.00

Non Member

€ 220.00

Registration fee includes

  • Live access to lectures and interactive case discussions
  • CME certificate
  • Access to recorded lectures within 1 week after the workshop

The number of participants per workshop is limited and registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Together with the registration payment is necessary. Registrations as radiologist in training (Residents) or Radiographers must be accompanied by a confirmation of the head of the department confirming the status as Resident or Radiographer.

An application has been made to the EACCME and the ACI for CME accreditation of this event.

How to obtain your CME certificate:
CME certificates will be provided to participants participating in the live workshop sessions AND completing the respective evaluation form. The number of hours will be calculated according to the actual time spent participating in the live sessions.

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