Information for Junior Members

Who is eligible?

All Radiology residents may apply for Junior Membership at any point during their training in General Radiology and/or sub specialization in Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology and/or Interventional Radiology.

Is there anything else required apart from filling in the online Application Form?

Application must be accompanied by confirmation letter regarding residency status of the applicant, signed by the head of the Department.

How long may someone be a Junior Member of ESGAR?

Junior Membership is valid for maximum three years or will end once the residency in Radiology is terminated.

What are the rights of Junior Members?

Junior Members have the right to vote but not to hold office. They shall be subject to congress fees and shall pay a reduced membership fee.

Membership fee: 75 EUR per year

ESGAR Top 20

The ESGAR Programme Committee takes great pleasure in congratulating the “ESGAR TOP 20” authors. The “ESGAR TOP 20” are the best abstracts, submitted by residents, who appear as the first author on the respective abstract and actually presented their presentation in the course of the Virtual Congress. The oral prensentations have been published in the Book of Abstracts, which is accessible for ESGAR Members and ESGAR 2020 participants via the ESGAR Personal Account.

Poster Prizes

The ESGAR Programme Committee takes great pleasure in congratulating the “Poster Presentation Prize” winners. The evaluation of the poster presentations was completed in advance of the meeting by a jury and was based on novelty, accuracy, educational value and design. Some of the awarded posters can be viewed HERE.


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The European Training Curriculum for Radiology (former European Training Charter for Clinical Radiology) is designed to provide a valuable template for training radiologists and to enhance the quality of care for patients throughout Europe.

In response to the rapid expansion of the role and diversity of radiology in recent years, in 2005 a revised version of the previous charter of 2003 had been elaborated. With the intention to clarify and update certain areas, and incorporate new knowledge requirements within the radiology curriculum an updated version of the curriculum of 2005 is now available.

New elements in the revised curriculum include specific sections dealing with communication skills, molecular imaging, good radiology report writing, multidisciplinary conferencing, trainee logbook procedures and CME.

This existing current version is seen as a living document which is subject to continuous update and revision and is therefore at the moment only available in electronic format.

European Training Charter

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced fees for Annual Meetings (virtual & face to face)
  • Reduced fees for Workshops (virtual & face to face)
  • Exclusive right to participate in society sponsored activities
  • Free access to “European Radiology” on-line
  • Reduced subscription rate to "Abdominal Radiology"
  • Eligibility to participate in Guideline Working Groups
  • Subspecialty Recognition Certificates
  • ESGAR e-Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Access to the ESGAR e-Education Portal
  • Educational and networking activities

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